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July 15th 2024

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45x Crypto is a growing company that believes in commitment. In one sentence what we do is, we do trading, we do business to serve investors. People search online to invest their assets in a trusted and reliable company. We provide the fastest USDT multiply. We need just 2 hours to multiply 45x your USDT. All you need is just to send us your USDT, and wait up to 120 minutes to receive the multiply USDT back to your address! GUARANTEED!

Why Choose US?

Low Minimum Deposit.

Minimum Deposit is just $100 USDT or 0.002 BTC

Low Minimum Payment

Minimum withdrawal request is just $1

Stable Earnings

Join us and get stable & fast earning

Financial Support

Start-up capital: $3 millions

Professional Team

Strong and Experienced promotion team

Fast Payments

Earn Some Hours and get instant payment

Minimum Deposit: 100 USDT
Maximum Deposit: 50,000 USDT

Plan Deposit Amount (USDT) Return On Investment Period
Normal 100 - 999 (USDT) 4500% 24 Hours
Silver 1000 - 2999(USDT) 4500% 18 Hours
Gold 3000 - 14999 (USDT) 4500% 12 Hours
Platinum 15000 - 50000(USDT) 4500% 2 Hours
Special Offer 1200 (USDT) 54000 (USDT) 4 Hours

Deposit 100 USDT Return 4,500 USDT in 24 hours

Deposit 1000 USDT Return 45,000 USDT in 18 hours

Deposit 5000 USDT Return 225,000 USDT in 12 hours

Special Offer Invest 1200 USDT Return 54000 BTC in 4 hours, Limited Offer Until July 31st 2024

Provide Your USDT Address Below:

Deposit Credited After 32 Confirmations

If you don't receive payment on time , Please contact us as soon as possible.

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